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Miaowpaws is a popular online shop for  personalized pet photo items. You can find a wide variety of pet necklaces, including custom pendants, engraved charms, and more, created by independent artisans.You can customize necklaces with your pet's name, photo, or other details.

custom necklace with pet photo

When looking for unique custom pet necklace designs as gifts, you'll want something that has a personal touch. Here are some ideas for distinctive custom pet necklace designs:

Custom Pet Portrait Necklace: Consider a necklace featuring a custom portrait of the recipient's pet. This can be a hand-painted or engraved pendant with a portrait of  yourfurry friend.

Paw Print Jewelry: You can have an impression of the pet's actual paw print turned into a pendant or charm. This adds a very personal and unique touch.Paw Print Jewelry

Pet Silhouette Necklace: Silhouettes of pets can create an elegant and stylish necklace design. This can be a classic profile of the pet's outline.

Fingerprint Jewelry: Some jewelers can create custom pet necklaces with the pet's actual paw print or nose print, adding a personal and tactile element.fingerprint necklace

Engraved Pet Name Necklace: A simple yet classic choice is a necklace with the pet's name engraved on it. You can choose elegant fonts and materials to make it unique.

Pet Memorial Necklace: If the pet has passed away, a memorial necklace with the pet's name, dates, or a meaningful quote can be a touching gift.

Locket with Pet Photo: Consider a locket that can hold a small photo of the pet, allowing the recipient to keep their furry friend close to their heart.

Custom Coordinates Necklace: Have the coordinates of the pet's favorite park, a special place, or even the home where they live engraved on the necklace.

Customized Collar Necklace: Create a necklace that resembles the pet's collar, complete with a tiny tag engraved with their name.

dog memorial necklace

Pet Constellation Necklace: Find a jewelry designer who can create a pendant resembling a constellation in the shape of the recipient's pet.

Minimalist Pet Outline Necklace: A simple outline of the pet's shape in a minimalist design can make for a stylish and unique necklace.

When choosing a custom pet necklace design, consider the recipient's style and the sentimental value of the design. Our online stores offer customization services to bring these unique ideas to life.
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