The Agreement With Your Pet


This purrfectly delightful agreement hereby establishes a treaty of harmony and understanding between [Your name], the hooman extraordinaire, and [Your pet name], the furball of mysterious wisdom and fluff.

 Article 1: Territory Acknowledgment

[Your pet name] solemnly admits that the entire household, including furniture, windowsills, and human laps, is theirs to rule with grace and poise. [Your name] acknowledges their feline overlord's claim.

 Article 2: Mealtime Expectations

[Your name] shall ensure that an abundant supply of delectable treats, tuna delights, and catnip is available on demand. In return, [Your pet name] shall strive to eat the treats in one gulp and regurgitate hairballs at the least inconvenient moments.

 Article 3: Slumber Party Arrangements

Both parties shall respect each other's sleep schedules. [Your name] pledges not to interrupt [Your pet name] 's 18-hour naps, and in return, [Your pet name] agrees to perform random paws-to-the-face wake-up calls, especially when [Your name] has important tasks to complete.

 Article 4: Playtime Proclamations

[Your name] shall participate wholeheartedly in all playtime sessions, regardless of how strange the toys may be. [Your pet name] assures [Your name] that the occasional nibble on their fingers during play is purely accidental (or maybe not).

 Article 5: Communication Protocol

In case of disagreements, both parties shall engage in a sophisticated form of communication, involving purrs, meows, and squinty-eyed stares. All disputes will be resolved promptly with cuddles and belly rubs.

 Article 6: The most important thing,dont forget to make the stamp for your pet.

cat face stamp
custom pet photo stamp
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