How to make a pet memorial necklace

Creating a cat or dog memorial necklace can be a great way to remember and honor a beloved pet that has passed away. Here are some steps to guide you through the process:

Materials You'll Need:

  1. Memorial Charm: This could be a small portrait pendant, a pet's tag, a pawprint charm, or any other pendant that holds sentimental value.
  2. Necklace Chain: Choose a chain that suits your style and complements the pendant. You can use a silver or stainless steel chain, leather cord, or any material you prefer.
  3. Pet Photos: If you want to include photos of your pet, have them printed or resized to fit inside the pendant.
  4. Other Decorative Charms: Optional, you can add additional charms or beads that hold meaning for you and your pet.
  5. Jump Rings: These are small metal rings used to attach charms and pendants to the necklace chain.
  6. Pliers: Needle-nose pliers are handy for opening and closing jump rings.
  7. Lobster Clasp or Toggle Clasp: Depending on your choice of necklace closure.
  8. Clear Resin (Optional): If you want to seal photos or other small mementos inside the pendant, you'll need clear resin and an application syringe.
  9. Epoxy or Glue (Optional): If not using resin, you can use epoxy or a strong adhesive to secure photos or mementos in the pendant.

You also could choose customize the necklace in Miaowpaws,we have many kind of pendants come in various shapes, such as hearts, circles, water drop,cloud, the heart of the necklace is the engraved pet portrait. The portrait is usually a high-quality image of the pet's face, created through various engraving techniques. The portrait captures the pet's unique features, making it a personalized and sentimental piece.

custom necklace

 dog memorial necklace

Our custom pet portrait necklaces allow for text engravings, such as the pet's name or meaningful dates, which adds another layer of personalization and significance.

 cat memorial necklace

A custom pet portrait engraved necklaces are cherished by pet owners because they encapsulate the love, memories, and unique connection they share with their pets. These necklaces serve as both a symbol of that bond and a source of comfort and healing in times of loss or separation.

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