About Us

Our story began with Perla, who had cherished her beloved cat for 15 years. When her feline friend fell ill and passed away, Perla found herself trapped in the shadow of grief. But it was her friends, Caroline and Joyce, who would help her find a path to healing. Caroline, a talented jewelry designer, created a beautiful necklace adorned with a portrait of Perla's cherished cat. This thoughtful gesture provided solace, a tangible reminder of the love that had been shared.Joyce, who worked at a textile factory, used leftover fabric to craft a cozy cat-shaped pillow for Perla. This sweet gesture offered both comfort and a way for Perla to keep her cat's memory close.

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Moved by their friends' support and inspired by the power of personalized keepsakes, Perla, Caroline, and Joyce decided to extend their helping hands to others who loved their pets as deeply as they did. And so, MiaowPaws was born.MiaowPaws is dedicated to helping pet lovers preserve the precious memories of their animal companions. We offer a wide range of custom pet products, including pet portrait pillows, pet portrait jewelrypet-themed accessoriespet bagscustom mouse padspersonalized pet keychains, and pet stamps, among others.

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Our team of talented artisans and designers work closely with each customer to create unique, tailor-made items that capture the essence and personality of their beloved pets. We understand that every pet is special, and we take great care in ensuring that our products reflect the uniqueness of each furry friend.

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Our mission is to bring joy and comfort to pet owners who have experienced loss or want to celebrate the special bond they share with their pets. MiaowPaws is not just a brand; it's a labor of love, a tribute to the memories that our furry friends gift us with. We are thrilled to have touched the lives of countless pet lovers, and we're excited to continue doing so. Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we look forward to crafting more cherished memories with you.

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